A Warm Winter Birthday

We had so much fun last weekend at my daughter's birthday party!  Even though our idea was to add a bit of warmth to the winter, we ended up with gorgeous weather.  I found hibiscus flowers and leis for all the girls to wear after their swim, which worked out really well.  They get such a kick out of dressing up, no matter what the form.  I kept food very simple this year, just pirate booty and fruit salad but it seemed to be just enough.  I didn't even make a cake, but we did add our one little touches.  It was a treat for me as well.  Everyone has been so busy, it was nice to see some of my favorite adults too!  I can't believe how quickly all the girls are growing up and I made sure to take pictures this time.  Don't they look sweet?  Don't let them fool you, they were running around like crazy girls.  Sugar and numbers does it every time!