Corn on the Cob Baseball Hat

 Why on earth would I paint a hat like a corn cob???  The same thing that makes me do all the wacky art things I do!  Inspiration! 

My daughter's school always has a Scarecrow competition for their Harvest Festival held each fall.  Every year I tell myself there is no time for a scarecrow and then out of no where it comes, the inspired idea! 

This year was a little different because instead of the kids learning Square dances the week before, their resident artists were an all girl Hip Hop troop.  The usually very traditional festival was newly dubbed the "Hip Hop Harvest Festival"!

How on earth do you combine Hip Hop and Harvest?  My mind was blank, until I was adding yet another baseball hat to the overladen hooks in my Husband's closet.  He was kind enough to "donate" one of his hats to our cause, and the transformation began. 

I started by coating the whole hat with ordinary white house paint to seal it (to act like gesso) then I added a few coats of Cadmium Yellow. 

I don't use acrylic paint that often so instead of painting the kernels on I simply drew them with a brown Prismcolor marker.  I started with a simple grid pattern and then shaped the kernels with a curved top and bottom edge. 

The biggest transformation was adding the white highlight on each kernel, although it read more as an overall pattern than corn.  My husband suggested adding the husks, and I think it did the trick.  So here we have the start to our hip hop dancer, who will (hopefully) be sporting this corn cap sideways!