Custom Spiral Bound Notebooks

The count down is on!  Just under a week until we are back into the good ol' school year!  I think I need the more regular schedule probably more than my daughter but I think everyone is happy the year is starting.  We made a few of these notebooks for last year but this year S picked out some of the patterns I've been toying wth.  It was fun to see which patterns and colors she picked out because according to her, I never make any little girl art! The fun thing about this project is it can be anything you'd like for the cover. 


Spiral Bound Notebooks

Papers for the fronts (or any other paper backed ideas) scrapbook papers, drawings, stickers, photos, collage materials etc

Watered Down Sobo Glue (at most craft stores)


binder clips

wax paper

Clear contact paper (optional)

Begin by opening each note book and securing the interior paper and cardboard backing with binder clips on three sides.  By doing this now, it will help keep things in order when you take out the spiral.  With your pliers, unhook the top and bottom of the spiral and straighten out so it is roughly the same as the other loops.  Twist out the wire until you have three separate  pieces;  the cover, interior pages, and the metal spiral.  Put the interior pages and spiral off to the side and take out your wax paper.  If you are using contact paper you will want to put it on your custom cover now.  It isn't necessary to use the contact paper but it does make your new cover both water resistant and more durable. 

Take the notebook cover and lay it down on the wax paper.  With a foam brush start painting with the glue.  I start from the center and work my way out so I have something to hold on to that isn't glued but anyway you can get it on works!  Then take your cover and lay it down on the glued surface.  Smooth out all the air bubbles starting from the center.  Next lay another piece of wax paper on top of the new cover and place under a stack of books.  If you leave over night, it will ensure the cover drying flat rather than the edges curling up.

When your new custom cover is fully dry peel off the wax paper and retrieve the other pieces of the notebook.  Trim your new cover if there was any over hang and punch your holes using the the original cover as your guide.  If you have a mini punch you can make your way down the spine.  I just used an exacto knife to make small square cuts from the back.  Once all your holes are cut you can line the cover back up with the pages.  Take the binder clips of one side at a time and reposition with the cover inside as well.  Now take your spine and twist it back through the holes just as you had taken it out.  All that is left is bending your wire down and back around to keep it from slipping through.