According to "Run Keeper" I have not done anything since April 8th and its right.  I tend to be one of those all or nothing people and exercising has defiantly followed that trend.  I was jogging 3 mi/day six days a week but when things start getting overwhelming or I can't fit anything else into the day, its the first thing to go.  I started panicking about how much there was to do in order to get ready for Surtex and then got caught up in the flood, coincidentally I hadn't done a single blog post since then either.

I have never liked exercise, even when I was at my fitness peak.  Its always been a chore.  All I see are posts from people about their love for running or yoga or whatever, 5 mi, 10 mi, half and full marathon runners.  It can't be that bad, but for me it really is!  The thought of strapping on shoes to go somewhere to sweat and basically ensure I don't get back to my work for at least an hour puts me in a tissy.  I know I need to, and I know its good for my body and mind and probably my over anxious nature, but I assure you it is the LAST possible thing I want to be doing.  So after a week or so of thinking about it again, I finally put my jogging attire on rather than clothes when I got up to take S to camp.

"Today's the day" I thought, I'll get back into this routine, get back to eating better, feeling better.  I got my ear buds and phone and water bottle and finally got on the treadmill.  Treadmill, you say?  Yes, its been the only thing I can keep up effectively.  I like graphs and charts and input devices.  I like that I can know how long I jogged or how far and how many calories.  It takes me a solid 3-4 months to loose a single pound so I need SOMETHING to track!  I started it up, started walking and the belt was skipping or sticking or whatever it was doing.  CRAP.  What to do, what to do?

Normally, I suppose that would mean you put it off for another day, but "today's the day" and I had already posted that lovely photo of my shoes stating it as such!  Couldn't back out now so I went, oh my gosh, OUTSIDE!  There is a reason I am an indoor jogger.  I don't get beeped at or rained on or keep pace with the recycling truck.  I didn't even know what to do with a house key, or my phone and there was defiantly not going to be water on this journey (as you can tell, I'm pampered when I work out).  Half way in, I got a call from work, so spent the next half briskly walking while talking to a perspective new hire.  I know multi tasking is not recommended when you work out but at this point I'm sure my face was florescent red anyway.  

In any case.  I made it home, wet and tired, with nothing concrete to show except for some sandy shoes.  The precious three hours I had at home without my daughter have been filled by some sort of exertion, a shower and this blog post, but I know myself too well and I always can draw up the energy to push myself to do art at night,  not so much for the exercise.  I will never be one of those people who will love to work out or do themed runs on my weekends.  It is hard for me and it takes me away from the work I want to do, but I know it has to be done.  So today, I started, as I have so many times before and I hope beyond hope, Joe can fix what ever is broken on that darn treadmill!