Fabric 8 Competion - Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Sooo, not like I need to be doing this now, with Surtex just four weeks away, buuuutttt, this great competition came up on Spoonflower called Fabric8.  It is for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and they are looking for modern patterns which have the look of pen and ink colored with watercolor.  I had a really great experience last year when I participated in Project Selvage for Michael Miller.  When this came up, I felt like it was too close to what I do to ignore, so I'm taking a stab at it!  Here's your mission, I tend to be fairly traditional with my subject matter and colors so I need all of you stylish trend watchers to help me out with the modern part.  The upper left is my original painting, and my gut is telling me to go with the upper right.  I'd love to know your thoughts!  Post your pick or comments below or send me a tweet