Feeling Lucky

I've never been in an accident before.  I've been bumped from behind but never more than that.  Today I was broad sided while taking a turn at a light.  The same light I turn at everyday from my house.  I had seen this same type of accident just a few weeks ago.  I remember being really upset by it because the person who got hit was doing all the right things.  They hadn't been speeding or driving erratically, they just went when the light told them to.  And that is what happened to me.  I saw the truck coming and I didn't know what was going to happen to me next.  You wonder if that's it, it that is all time you will have and I feel very fortunate to have come away with not a scratch on me.  

My driver side front and back doors were completely collapsed into the car, thank goodness I didn't have my daughter in the car with me since that is where she sits.  I was sent spinning across the six lane intersection before stopping by hitting another car.   I am just amazed and thankful that that I was able to walk away from this with just some aches and pains.  I heard a loud ringing in my ears and wasn't even aware that I had spun until I was stopped.  I was able to put my car in park and slide out of the driver seat and into the passenger side.  I called my Husband and asked him to come meet me calmly enough that he didn't expect anything more than a fender bender.    

I have always been a cautious person, one who follows rules, one who rarely takes risks and it is hard for me to compute that sometimes there are things in life, career, family, or personally that can come out of nowhere to effect you and send you spinning. I don't think about this stuff very often, how we are only given so much time here.  I have so much I see myself doing.  Maybe this was just a little reminder to keep working towards those goals.  All in all a very scary, emotionally charged day.