Handpainted Backpack


Just in time for the start of school next week!  After a long search for the perfect backpack, we settled on this plain pink one from IKEA.  By far the most storage and the best price.  It was then time for my favorite part, embellishment!  My daughter and I did some napkin sketches before I started painting.  She picked out the colors and we both went to work, I on the bag and she on a canvas.  Studio painting day with mommy!  It was really fun using acrylics again, it's been years since I last used them and it took a bit to get used to the feel.  I finished the flowers off with centers of crystals, a staple at our house!  The bag was so much fun to do, I did a lunch bag to match.  Most of the work I've been doing for Surtex has all been in my typical watercolor style, I'm not sure if including some collections done in acrylic would work against me or not.  I think these flowers would make a nice start for a new collection.  Of course, after everything was said and done, my daughter picks up a $5 backpack at Old Navy and says "look mommy, these are cool".  I just had to hold my tongue and laugh!