Illustration Reviews, but more so, a Personal Review

I had the wonderful experience of participating in the Mass Art reviews for the Illustration Class of 2011.  Driving in I felt so nervous about if I would have anything to say or even the right to say it.  I am returning to the world of Illustration after living life for a bit.  I came out of school focused and ready to attack the world of publishing.  Fate had a different plan for me and after many years I am essentially starting over.  I felt like I was in the same place as these graduating seniors, and the thought was a bit unsettling.  What I have come away with is I have grown and absorbed much more than I knew.  I have years of experiences where I have collected carefully the bits and pieces relevant to a single  goal I know I will attain.  So at first blush, yes I’m at the same starting point, approaching a new industry I feel is unknown, but as I realized yesterday, I know much more than I give myself credit for.  At this point, I fully understand my style, or even the fact that I have one. I can readily identify my strengths and weaknesses and can play those up or down depending on the task.   

I want to thank the seniors I met with for sharing their portfolios and allowing me to share what I have learned since sitting in that same chair.  Never lose the excitement you have for your work and always surround yourself with those who will challenge and support you.   Continue to learn and ask questions from anywhere or anyone who even seems remotely close to what you want to do.  Congratulations to the entire class of 2011, your packets were beautiful.  I look forward to seeing your work in print soon!