Princess School Supplies


So school is starting soon and I was on the look for school supplies for Sienna.  But not just any supplies will do for my dress wearing, pink toting, girly girl.  She wanted pink princess supplies!  Budget mom to the rescue!  We used a make up case we found at Target instead of a pencil box and got out the embellishments! 

You can make really fun cases if you think outside of the box (literally).  I even have a set pencils stored in a brass metal clutch of my Great Grandmothers, crystal clasp and all!  You can always find a variety of makeup cases at thrift stores.  These are usually the kind that free gifts come in from Lancome or Clinque.  I like these because people almost never use them so they are nice and clean and they come in really great patterns.  You can add a name with puffy paint, sew on beads, gem tack and crystals (like I did here) or if you are not Suzy Crafter, a good old fashion Sharpie works great! 

I also did some cute things with the supplies too.  We added some crystals to our $1 calculator (also with gem tack) and covered the glue stick caps and crayons.  This is so easy to do and your kids can pick the look.  To recover the crayons: Take the box and undo the glue seam on the side.  Glue the box face downto the back of your paper.  After the glue dries just cut around the box and reassemble. place a bead of glue down the spine and secure with a rubber band until dry.

For glue sticks: Cut a length of paper the height of the cap and about 4" wide.  You can start with a patterned paper or use a solid color and have your kids decorate it with stickers or their own art.  After you are done with front flip over and place glue on the back taking care to cover the edges.  Wrap around the cap and secure with rubber bands until dry.  We added a large gem to the top of our tops but you could also use a small toy or pom pom.  As your kids use up their glue they can just switch the top to the new one.

This was a fun project for us to work on us together and was a great transition out of summer mode and into back to school mode.   Send your kids back to school not just in style but in THEIR style.