Rustic Tree Trimmings Wreath

Tis the season for crafts!  I can not believe how many things are made, baked, sewn, and knit this time of year.  I've been in high gear for the past 14 months and its been hard for me to slow down to do some "non productive" activities with my daughter.  When the Holidays come around it seems to slap me in the face that I am wasting these precious moments with her.  So, it is time, at least for the next few weeks, to work on some of simpler things that make the Holidays special.  Today after school, my daughter and I made this 40" wreath from the branches my Husband had cut off the bottom of our Christmas Tree.  Some wreath building tutorials can be very involved but we made this simple one by binding our cuttings with wire in a circle. Then we filled in the bare areas with cuttings from our holly bush.  Sometimes homework and artwork needs to wait!