Surtex Ads and Press Releases

Its hard to believe Surtex is just seven weeks away!  I am still fighting my way through my prep!  For some reason I feel like I have lost my decision making ability.  I think it is the finality of it all, but I really can only take my best shot and learn from there.  The past two weeks have been centered around my advertising and press releases. 

I am new to the industry but I think that can also be news.  I will have over twenty collections which have not been seen anywhere else, since I am officially launching my business at this show.  That's something right?  I am hoping to be included in the "Meet the Newbies" section for On the Surface, the Surtex newsletter.  Everyone has been very nice and actually emailed back to say they had received my submissions.  When does that ever happen?  I was very impressed! 

It does feel very good to mark something off my list, but there is just so much more to do!  I am still undecided on my banners, on almost every level!  Size, material, content; just when I thought I had settled on something, I rethought it.  There is also the issue of fire proofing which is around the $250 mark.  Am I getting that bang for my buck by using actual fabric in my booth?  Again, still undecided.  Hopefully I can get my head in the game an knock some of these choices out by the end of the week. 

Another thing I did this week was to FINALLY get an online backup system, so overdue I know!  I feels much better knowing all my work is not at the mercy of my computer.  I went with Backblaze which I found very affordable PLUS it does both my computer and my external hard drive, that is the really wonderful part. Something I really should have done ages ago, and if you haven't done it yet, I really recommend it.  I have heard too many horror stories of people and businesses loosing everything and having to start over.