Surtex Prep and Planning - Counters

So it's been embarrassingly long since I've posted here but I'm just starting to plan for Surtex (yes I'm freak out crazy late to being so!).  I'm sure you all are headlong into your planning but I've gotten some questions about the counters that are provided with your booths and as I sat down to work on my own I realized the measurements aren't very helpful.  At one point I jotted down some more accurate measurements (its all those years in interior design coming through) and thought they might be of use.

These are for the counter height version which is the only type I've ever had but this year I'm switching it up and going table height so I'm subtracting 10" from the upper measurements.  If you are doing the show for the first time you might also like to know there is also a wooden shelf on the interior.  This way you will have room for any suitcases or extra materials you have brought.  There is a storage room available but through the years I've become more comfortable with leaving things overnight.

Counter Height Pro's 

  • non committal - attendees feel comfortable walking up to your counter and browsing and being able to walk away just a quick

  • Easy to perch on your stool and stand just a quickly

  • more visual room to display art on

  • if your short (which I am) keeps you eye level with attendees

  • Lots of space for storage and easy to duck behind for a quick bite to eat or emmotional outburst (hey it can happen!)

Table Height Pro's

  • Invites people to come and sit down to look at your books, possibly causing them spend more time browsing

  • Let attendees see more of your walls (less height means less blocking)

  • If you are tall, as a friend told me, it allows you to sit and therefore not tower over people

As I'm sure you've seen there are a million ways to address this surface.  Table cloths, booth wraps, banners, to a full on paper sculpture!  One year I wrapped my booth in one of my fabrics and for the others I've printed a banner which wraps the outer perimeter.  Both were fine but I've liked the ease of the banner wrap since it can be applied with command strips.  Left to right Stunning paper creation by Very Sarie, one of my Vinyl banner wraps, clean patterned panels by Carol Van Zandt, Logo fabric table drape by Sorry You're Happy, Stitched fabric fabulousness by Josephine Kimberling, Ditching the whole thing and bringing her own gorgeous creation Melissa Ybarra.

 There is really no wrong or right way to address these things so I'd say pick the one that fits your personality and how you feel the most comfortable talking to people and then design away!  Hope these additional measurements will help on that front.