Taking it Offline

As much as I am a huge fan of the amount of contact and conversation I have everyday through online means, it has also been a picture of the shiny side of things in peoples lives and business.  To a degree, that is just as it should be, as one friend said, "no one wants to read about your dirty laundry".  But sometimes its that not so bright side of things that is what you really need help with.  

I have been having this need to talk about things the way they really are, the good, the bad and the ugly.  The need for real conversations, the ones that can move beyond black and white recorded pleasantries and I've been very grateful for the ability to do so in recent months.  I have talked before about the incredibly generous artists I have found in Licensing and many are becoming fast friends.   What a wonderful support network! 

I am a huge emailer but its been so nice to be able to hash out things over the phone, or Google hangout or even the rare coffee shop meeting!  I'm very grateful for all these artists who are willing to sit and chat with me about the way things "really" are.  Its given me a much more rounded view of the businesses they are running, the business I am running, and the licensing industry in general.  Every one of the artists I have talks with recently weather at the top of their game or still trying to find their own path has taught me something very valuable in my own journey.  And truly, this has been the biggest learning experience.  It is a journey, there is never going to be that point when you think there is nothing left to do, its all perfect.  

Today I had someone tell me they were so glad I had thought to reach out to them about a question I had.  It made me think how we forget to do that sometimes, to ask for help.  Sometimes this is out of pride, or fear of looking unprepared, or worry that you will put someone in an awkward position.  Being shy myself, its been a struggle to push past all those discomforts to ask but I find it has been easier as I have gone along.  Not to mention that those individuals who I have been able to have these wonderful talks with have been so unbelievable in their response!  The value of community has become so completely apparent to me since I began in this industry and it was one I had no connection to just three years prior.

What I have found is every person has something of value to offer to you and despite if you are a verteran or brand new to the industry, it is more likely than not that you also have something of value to offer back.  Its a product of us each having our own experiences leading up to our current situation.  I'm looking forward to more Surtex support calls, creative connecting and "what do I want to do when I grow up" hash out sessions, I'm blessed to have each and every one of you to help me along.