Tiger Birthday Party

I love how kids can come up with the best ideas for parties!  A tiger party!  Genius!  I got to transform these little ladies to ferocious, yet adorable tigers for their big day!  This was a great outdoor party at a local lake and although the day looked questionable at times, beyond a few sprinkles, it turned out beautiful.  All the kids had a blast running around and swimming.  It was just such a relaxed atmosphere!  I always love going to these types of family friendly parties, it reminds me of the ones I used to go to as a kid.  And let me say, their mom and dad did a bang up job on bringing the theme to life!

The piñata was a store bought version reinvented with a tiger picture and black & orange streamers, since apparently Tigers are not the "it" theme in parties (at least not yet!).  What a great idea!  The cupcakes were done with orange sugar and chocolate stripes and were also striped inside, which goes well beyond my baking capabilities!  I got to lend a hand where my talents lie, with the party favor tags and face painting.  Both were way too much fun!  And the cute tiger dress?  It was made by Charlotte Hughes of the Polka Dot Tree.  Another great Etsy find!  I wish I had taken a picture of their finger nails but the girls had them painted like little claws, white and black for the White Tiger and orange and black for the Bengal!  You'll never guess who did that nail magic, dear ol' dad!  It just goes to show how a little creativity can go a long way with the simplest of themes.  Great job guys, we had a blast!  If you are feeling inspired to have a tiger party of your own, you can find invitations and thank you's at Pingg.com.