Time to say "I DO" and commit to a Filling system

Meanwhile, back in the studio, more Surtex prep!  I know its aweful but I am just now starting the copywriting process for the bulk of my work.  You would not believe how long it takes to organize everything both for the sheets I will submit but also in my own files.  I've tried to create a labling system which I will use going forward. 

Normally, when I save things I have a decriptive title like Baker's Dozen Stripe or Frosting boarder, that kind of thing.  You soon realize though, that very quickly you will have more art than titles! 

I settled in on one suggested by Tara Reed on one of her "ASK" calls.  She suggest picking two letters for the Collection Catagory, two letters for the Collection Name followed by numbers for the type of art; ie: boarders 100's, icons 200's, full images 300's, pattern 400's and so on.  I have added a letter at the end to account for the color ways.  So for instance for a pattern from my Collection Baker's Dozen, I would use FDBD401a.  FD (food) BD (Baker's Dozen) 400 (pattern) 1 (specific design argyle) a (Teal colorway).  It kinda feels like going backwards but if all my files are labeled in this mannor as well as my site and cut sheets, it will simlify the communication.  I might know all my designs and collections by name right now, but I look at what I created just in the past year and I can see how very quickly how you will have more than you know what to do with.