Try and try again

My daughter just started gymnastics for the first time.  I am not a mother who thought about putting her in activities the second she could walk, but of course now, I feel bad that I didn't.  My child is like me, very nervous to try new things, likes examinations and breakdowns and plans.  Her first class was anything but and was a total disaster! 

She wanted to know why I didn't start her younger.  Why everyone else knew what they were doing and she didn't.   What do you say?  I didn't even take gymnastics myself, I have no idea what to do!  She is just so flexible and I watch her flipping around tree branches, so it seemed like the natural choice! 

Over the next week we practiced on the sofa and in the yard, I could see her trying but then getting immediately discouraged when something didn't work.  This was the first time she had ever done summersaults and cartwheels, they are a lot harder than I remembered!  We watched YouTube videos and had a wonderful friend come over to do some one on one "training"!  With in a matter of days she was doing cartwheels.  To watch her go from flinging her body around to gradually staying in a line and finally to get her legs up and around was really neat.  It made me think how similar we are and how I need to keep going too. 

I too, avoid things that are new eventhough all signs point to it being something I would be good at.  Its the fear of not knowing what you are doing and looking silly.  This past year has been full of unknowns and I imagine the next year will be more of the same.  Starting down the path of a new career is terrifying.  I ask the same questions, why didn't I start younger, why does everyone else know what they are doing?  I need to follow the same advice I gave to my daughter.  I will do my research, make a plan, make small steps forward, and just keep going.  Hopefully I too will get to say "I did it"!

Its funny how the same advice and encouragement given to a seven year old applies so directly to her mother.  And, congratulations to my little one, who just kept going, YOU DID IT!