Uppercase Surface Design Guide

So I have to say I got the most wonderful news today!  I was selected as one of 100 designers to be included in Uppercase Magazine's Surface Design Guide.  This for me is as surprising as it is exciting because I have looked through the pages of this magazine, wonderful, thick, beautifully designed pages, so many times and it always made me question my style.  That probably sounds awful, but the design and pallet and content has this particular style, and personally I LOVE THAT TYPE OF ART and yet, nothing I make works with it.

This makes me think there might be a little room for my type of traditional art in the surface pattern industry and that's an exciting thing.  I loved what Jenine says in her video, she says "do what you do and do it well."  

The funny thing about this, is how hard it is to follow that statement.  I knew what I did well from pretty early on but I spent years questioning if I should be doing something else.  I questioned it in high school, not even sure I should be pursuing art.  I questioned it in college, always wondering why I wasn't making major statements with my pieces, and I questioned it as I pursued art licensing.

Doing research online and in stores and finally at Surtex in person, sometimes made me feel like I just wouldn't fit, but at the end of the day, I did know what I did well and had to trust that I would find my place.  I guess things like this are that little bit of validation, that someone else sees you in the same company as those you admire.  Isn't it funny that we all need that sometimes?

Even though this will be distributed at Surtex in May where I will be exhibiting for year #3,  I can not wait to get my hands on this issue coming out in April!  It looks to be packed full of great industry professionals!  If you love design of all kinds, you will love this magazine!  I am never disappointed.  To get a subscription to Uppercase and to support this wonderful publication click here  you can even use code 'USPDG2014' to receive $15 off.  Than you all so much for sharing in my journey!