Visions of the future

A good friend sent me this quote today.  I've been questioning myself lately.  What am I doing, where am I going, what should be happening?  The truth is I'm a bit scared about the next chapter, therefore I haven't fully engaged in it.  Its a bit funny because for a long time I knew exactly where I wanted to be and took every step to get myself there.  And get there I did, successfully.  So why have I been hesitating?  Is it that the next dream is too big, too undefined?  That whole world is your oyster idea was always too much for me.  I like the box with all the restrictions that I have to come up with the most creative way out of.  

We all need to define the next step otherwise you will just float along.  The scary truth is, if you set those big goals, you might just get there, so why are we reluctant to do so?  I suppose its the fear of saying something out loud and then having it not come true.  Its that really the scariest thing in the world?