Cirque du Noir

Every year my husband and I participate in Cirque du Noir.  This one of a kind masquerade ball is truly something you need to experience!  In addition to a silent auction and live music, Cirque features a live drawing fusion session where some of the most talented artist in Worcester combine forces to create collaborative pieces to be auctioned later in the evening.  This year my friend Jessica Burhans will be drawing/performing!  Every year when I enter I feel like I'm in the ball scene from Labyrinth.  Dress code for the event is costume black and with so many creatives participating, the ensembles are breathtaking!  Each year I try to push out of my comfort zone just a bit more with my attire and although I am probably a long way from elaborate headdresses and gowns, I have moved on from basic black.  This magical evening is the brainchild of the fabulous Michelle May, and her enthusiasm and creativity is nothing short of infectious! Intrigued?  Come experience it for yourself, this Sunday evening at Ritual in Worcester, MA.  You can even pick up one of my paintings for your own!  Here are our donations for the event this year, gosh we are so alike, it's hard to know who did what!