Mini Top Hat - Halloween Craft, Week 3

MATERIALS:  Craft foam, fabric or vinyl (optional), hot glue, ribbon, hair comb or headband, embellishments (feathers, buttons, beads, wire, crystals, cameos, thrift store jewelry finds, etc) flowers (fresh or silk)

Maybe this doesn't qualify as a strictly Halloween craft but it is the only time of the year I am wearing one!  There are several ways you can make these hats using materials ranging from plastic Jell-o containers to Styrofoam cups to simply picking up a plain top hat from a craft store.

You can also build your own.  For my hat, I wanted something a bit more substantial than paper or felt.  I used a sheet of black craft foam which I spray mounted a piece of patterned black velvet to.  Once the spray mount dries you can easily cut the required pieces. 

The dimensions show are for a mini hat that would be mounted to a head band or hair clip.  Once you have your shapes cut out, start by placing a bead of hot glue along the edge of your top circle.  Glue to top edge of your rectangle by starting at a corner and working your way around.  Work in 2" lengths so you are able to effectively hold the pieces together as they dry.  Once you have come full circle trim any additional side piece away to create a neat seam, glue.  Next place a bead of glue around the bottom edge of the side piece and apply to your brim.  Next it is time to embellish, the sky's the limit on this one! I used a broach (picked up from consignment store) peacock feathers, black craft feathers, wide satin ribbon, black swarovski crystals and beads.  The curly cues were made by stringing seed beads onto wire and twisting around a pencil.  After you are happy with your additions finish it off by gluing the whole thing to a headband, hair comb or clip.  Here are inspirational hats to get your creativity going.