Decoupage Pumpkins - Halloween Craft, Week 2

We have had some unusually warm weather for fall in New England, it made for a wonderful afternoon of decoupage and conversation with a great group of gals.  If you haven't done these before, its is very easy and no matter what technique you use, they always look great.  I always think of my roommate when I do anything with tissue and sobo.  We used to cover all sorts of things with this method, although we used our fingers (maybe we had no brushes?). The colors of tissue would bleed and tint the glue and our hands, we would peel the layers off as they dried and we laughed and talked.  Anyway...

Materials:  Sobo Craft Glue, tissue paper (orange, black, white ect.), black construction paper, foam brushes, wax paper, glassware

You can pick up a variety of glass containers at craft stores or thrift shops but you can also save your glass jars.  We made a few for tea light candles as well as some which we flipped over so that the opening was at the bottom.  I have plans to convert these into solar powered jack-o-lanterns but that needs to wait for another day.  If you would like to try, the steps are the same you just need to leave the top clear for the sun to reach the mounted cell and use Sobo Exterior glue.  In the summer you should be able to purchase inexpensive garden or path lights at Lowe's and Home Depot which pull apart easily.  Not so much in the fall, I just can see tearing apart a $4 light for parts!  I'm cheap, what can I say?

To get started, lay down wax paper!  It seems like a little thing, but sometimes it gets a little messy. Once dry the pumpkin will peal right off.  Next, paint any glass surface with Sobo and cover with tissue.  You can use the strip method as shown here or the rip and tear method where you can position any size tissue any which way.  I like this method because the paper overlaps in different areas creating a marbled effect.  As you are applying the tissue you also want to be coating the top surface.  It works better if you do this as you go to ensure the tissue is laying flat and not creating bumps.  

Once you are done covering the whole container you add the face.  The construction paper looks really nice and dark against the tissue but because it is thicker, the faces do not lie flat.  If you are using a jar rather than a globe this material should work better.  I tend to go for the black tissue even though it is a bit lighter looking.  I always love seeing how different everyone's jars come out.   To "light" we filled with a string of white Christmas lights.  My daughter made the one with cute howling cat face!