Jack-o-Lantern Magnets - Halloween Craft, Week 1

Hopefully this is the first of four crafts as we lead up to Halloween. 

These are super easy and cute. My seven year old is a pro at this and can produce these independently so they make a great Halloween craft for a group of kids.  (Tip:  Do at the start of the party to allow glue to dry thoroughly.)

Step 1: draw your jack-o-lantern faces on orange paper with black marker.  Do not use washable markers for this because the faces will bleed while you are gluing.  We usually use a circle template because its on hand but you can also have the kids trace their glass gems for size.  Have them do this with pencil or an orange marker so it doesn't show through once mounted. 

Step 2:  Cut out the faces

Step 3: Place the faces, grinning or grimacing side up, on the wax paper.  If you are doing with a large group give each child his or her own piece of wax paper.  You can label these by writing their names on a piece of masking tape.

Step 4: With foam brush spread Sobo glue on the flat surface of the gems.  I usually add a little water to the glue, it can be very thick and hard to spread otherwise. Be generous, which most kids are without being told!

Step 5:  Smush the glass onto the pumpkin faces and make sure there are no bubbles. 

Step 6:  Let the pumpkins set up a bit, it won't take very long, maybe 10 min max. Send the kids off to have a snack or play a game.

Step 7:  If your children are still interested, call them back, if not you can complete the second part for them.  Cut 3/4" lengths of 1/8" satin ribbon.

Step 8:  Peel gems off the wax paper and flip over.  Add a good sized drop of glue on the back of each pumpkin.

Step 9:  Place the ribbon through the center of the dollop so that it just shows over the edge of the gem to create a stem.  Then secure the magnet with the same glue drop.  I usually get the ceramic circle type that most craft stores carry.  You do not need a large one since these tend to be nice and powerful. 

I love crafts that serve a purpose beyond letting your little ones express their creative side!  And, I can never have too many magnets!  This is also a nice activity for parties because it is inexpensive and you get great results no matter what the skill level.