Community Reading Day

I was fortunate enough to invited back as a "Celebrity Reader" for Community Reading Day at my daughter's school today.  It's a wonderful program where members from the community come to schools to read a book to the kids and answer questions about what they do. 

This year I designed the invitations and evites that went out to the invited community members.  It's always a nice way for me to volunteer, since my skill set seems better suited for this type of work than fundraising sales!

We read "The Goat Lady" by Jane Bregoli which was a great book to read since it takes place in our area and the author/illustrator also is a Mass Art Alum!  The artwork is quite beautiful and the story shows a way of life many of the kids don't get to see very often.  

One of my favorite parts of going in to school is getting to hear all of the kids comments.  We talked about the Heifer Project which is an organization who gives animals to communities in need, (we have a location very close to us).  We talked about giving the gift of animals, about charities, and donations.  Kids really latch on to these concepts.  I was surprised to hear how many of the kids donate their toys and outgrown clothing every birthday or give gifts to others on that day, even asking for donations towards an organization in leu of presents.  It makes me very happy to see them with a knowledge of those who may not have as much and thinking of ways to help.  I have to say, our school has a terrific sense of community and the kids are always involved in it.  What's more, they understand why they are doing something and who will benefit from their efforts.

Then there was the interview portion!  What's my favorite color, animal, and food (green, cats, olives).  What do I like to draw the best (bugs and fun kid's designs), do people ask me to paint clay pots (not yet!), what materials I use (watercolor), do I have a bunch of friends that do art to meet with (you bet cha!)?  There were harder questions like what would I like to donate if it was my birthday (art supplies) or what I would do if I wasn't an artist anymore?  I liked this one, because I have though about it from time to time.  I said an agent because I could help people who are insanely talented that might not be able to get their art out there themselves.  As always, the kids are very attentive and really seem to enjoy having me there (check out the STACK of cards they drew me!), but I'm sure I get more out of it than they do!  Can't wait to do it again!