Winter at WAMS

This month has been busy with activities as we get closer to Christmas.  I'm fortunate enough to have had some time to spend with my daughter and her class.  We had our annual penny drive to benefit families in our school's community who need a bit of help over the Holidays.  It's always fun to see how excited the kids get about bringing in change each day.  This year we came up with the snowball theme and I created the flyer and a sort of race track in the cafeteria for the kids to follow their class progress.  My daughter helped me put up the paper mural and she became the resident spokesperson for her class on the race details.

We've had coffee houses with story telling and African drumming, hip hop dances, sleep overs, and birthday parties galore!  I made 150 rock monsters with my daughter's class for their craft-a-thon and chaperoned a trip to a puppet show.  I wonder why I haven't felt like I've been getting any work done!  It's nice to get to go to some of these things though, you realize that they are only this age once!