Let the List making Begin

I have always felt that I was a productive, organized person but my skills defiantly got a run for their money over the past few weeks.  I'm tackling a brand new venture, working from home!  I think in my mind it was a magical place where I would get to work on all my own art for the entire day, after all I was putting in close to 40hrs a week while working full time.  I should be getting an easy 10hr day in without question right?  Wrong!  I have been completely out of sorts! 

I know this is a change and I need time to readjust.  Maybe I'm a bit overwhelmed with the idea that I have the option to plan my days, maybe it's just that I'm used to operating at that super crazy level where you barely have time to think before jumping into your next thing?  I have always been so good at coming up with creative ways to break out of the box but when given the "world is your oyster" option, I literally freeze.

It has been wonderful spending more time with my daughter, I can't complain about that, but the entire reason I am home is so that I can get more work in, so I can get more sleep in and so I can breath a little.  I feel like the house has been cleaner and I am getting more things done but they are not the things I had hoped to be spending more time on.  I think I've also been feeling a little guilty for the amount of time I spent with my family while I focused on changing my career these past two years.  I was very committed and willing to make the sacrifices I needed to in order to get to this point but now I feel like I've slipped backwards a bit.

There is something a bit intimidating about having a free for all in terms of my time.  There are so many ideas I have for collections and so many companies I want to approach.  Then there are the little things that pop up day to day, and what about all my ideas for my own products?  I have a tornado of ideas spinning in my brain and I have yet to make a move on any of them.  One of the things I did when I started this whole process was to make a list of everything that was whirling around in my head; hopes, fears, ideas, obligations, etc.  It allowed me to make connections that I was unable to make when it wasn't concrete on paper.  I think I need to return to this process and make a new set of goals for this year.  It's funny how quickly I forgot the basics of what helped me meet my goals over the past 24 months.

So that's the plan.  I will start list making, schedule setting, and even some dreaming.  Maybe, just maybe I will feel like I'm getting myself back to my old productive self!