Face Paint Pics

I was so excited to get a few pictures from the Winter Carnival event sent to me this week!  Does it look as chaotic as it felt?  Probably not!  Still, I'm so grateful to the mom's who shared pics!

I did a ton of designs that day but the definite favorites were the snow queen crown (shown above) and the Patriots Logo since the Pats were playing the super bowl the next day.  A few adults even got that one! 

You can see my glamorous water containers (well, modified milk jugs!) front and center.  I use these for everything.  All you need to do is cut starting at the neck and rounding out where the sides stop their slope.  It's nice because you can change them out regularly so you don't have old paint running back into the water and the handle make for easy carrying.  Little tip I picked up from my watercolor teacher, Irena Roman.

I digress! It was nice, however,  working with a new medium but I am very happy to tuck that box neatly away for now!