How do you know if you have had a life well lived?  I think it is in the footprint you leave behind on the world and on those you encountered in it.  Today, I lost my Grandmother, Dulcy Elizabeth Tamarin.  I wonder if she knew how loved she was and just what type of impact she had on all of us?  All I know is I always looked to her as my symbol of strength and order, carefully packaged in a quiet calm elegance. 

My Grandmother raised 3 boys on her own, and I don't think that was all that common at the time.  She began working with US Healthcare from it's start as a secretary and as the company grew, so did her knowledge and positions.  I remember her flying all over for work.  She loved to travel and while doing so would visit family members from all over.  She was very interested in family history and connection and would arrange huge reunions to make sure the connections stayed or were renewed.  My great grandmother used to call my Grandmother "her angel", and how could you argue with that?  My grandmother took care of everything for everyone.  She cared for her children and grandchildren, for her mother and mother-in-law.  She made sure all was right and well with the world and made sure I always went home polished and clean complete with a brand new toothbrush.  Sounds silly to say that, but she was aware of even the littlest of details.

I remember her teaching me to wrap packages PERFECTLY, with the neatest and cleanest corners.  She would always take her time in any task, until it was just so.  She was always teaching, and finding moments to interject some new knowledge into our brains.  The first time I learned about stocks was during a simple trip to Wendy's.  She explained to my brother and I how people can own a piece of a company and I remember looking around thinking I could  own things like the tables or the chairs.  The concept was a bit lost on our 7 and 8 yr old brains but I love that she didn't talk to us like little kids.  

I've been told I get my planning nature from Grandmom.  The way I look at scenarios and analyze them.  When I told her that I was finally pursuing my art last year, she was so excited.  She said I was born of two brains, one which is creative and the other analytical and planned.  "How could you go wrong?" she asked.  I hope she is right and will be there to watch what happens.  I miss you and love you very much Grandmom.