Flower Fairy Crowns

I recently had a fairy themed craft party for my daughter's birthday.  I made these cute crowns for all the girls to wear.  At just over a dollar per crown, its an inexpensive project for a themed day of play or special occasion.  The price is great but they can take a bit of time (in case you wanted to attempt multiples!)

1.  Flower stems and ribbon can be found in most craft stores.  I kept this simple with an inexpensive sprig but you can make wonderfully elaborate versions with mixed flowers.

2.  Split the sprig down each of the metal wires, these are most likely at each of the joints, and then again at the off shooting points. This may vary depending on the type of flowers you use, essentially you are trying to thin the flowers out a bit.

3.  Take the pieces with wires in them and twist together to create a ring.  Secure all the joints with floral tape.  If you have never used floral tape before, you must stretch the tape gently as you wrap to activate the adhesive. 

4.  Start to add the smaller pieces  into the ring securing with floral tape.

5.  After all the pieces are attached its time to wrap with the 1/4" ribbon.  Start by tying a knot leaving a 12-14" tail (this will later be used to create a bow).  Wrap the wire ring overlapping the ribbon slightly with each pass.  I found it helpful to keep the ribbon fairly short by securing the ribbon to the spool with a small binder clip.  Repeat with the thinner ribbon only this time leave 1/2" - 3/4" between wraps.

6.  Add in a few more ribbons to the knot and create a series of bows.