Recycled Cardboard Scarecrow

Meet our scarecrow for 2010!  We were the winning entry at my daughter's Harvest Festival at school.  The mission was to make something using recycled materials.  I happened to have a car full of Ikea boxes from a recent trip (one of my favorite places by the way!).  Top to bottom he is card board and brown paper.  My husband even joined in to help make a support stand with cardboard tubes that fabric bolts come on.  You can usually get these from Fabric stores if you ask them to set them aside for you.  Luckily I always have access to these where my father is an Upholsterer. 

The vest was done by scoring the front layer of corrigated cardboard and carefully pealing off the top layer, I really liked the pattern it made.  My daughter made all the rope for me by braiding together thin strips of cardboard.  The crow definately gave me a run for my money but I like how he came out in the end.  So yet another example of my brain going totally overboard, but we had alot of fun in the process.