I believe "nesting" describes that period of time before some women have their babies.  You get the nursery ready and anything that you might need before your little darling makes his or her appearance.  I didn't do this with my daughter but I DO do it with my studio.  Most of the time it takes the form of a good ol' cleaning especially before I begin a new project.  This time its been just a bit more involved as I've tried to finish old projects or invent new ones!  I really don't mean to, but it's almost like I can't see anything else.  

I've bought an additional filing cabinet, because it is quite obvious that I need to reorganize my files NOW.  Finally put in the toe kick under the cabinets I installed in my closet, oh, three years ago, and let's not forget about the damaged picture frame I found under my desk that I just HAD to repurpose into a fabric wrapped marker board!  One thing leads to another and pretty soon I find myself making a new mouse pad and reorganizing drawers.  But wait!  Now that the interiors of the drawers are cleaned, the cabinet was looking a bit dingy why not give that a make over too!    

My Husband finally called me out the other day but he was nice enough to ask if all my non art activities were "part of my process"?  Yes I thought, it IS all part of my process.  The same way I clean before starting a new proect, I was doing a major overhaul as I was preparing to start down this road to Surtex again.  Its the external ordering of things that allows me to get my head in the proper order for this undertaking.

The real question is, am I really ready to do this again?  Without any shadow of a doubt, I can answer, "ABSOLUTELY!"