New, New, New

Everyone wants to see what's new!  I wasn't expecting that.  Just as I'm revving up my Surtex prep, I'm felling grossly unprepared.  Here I was thinking I was preparing for May but all of a sudden I'm getting requests for new art, NOW.  I thought I would be showing my new art at the show but maybe its just easier to see it a few weeks before for the people I'm already working with?  I have a particular way I like to show things.  I like everything to have a logo, be numbered, have all the corresponding pieces.  I like things to look complete, uniform.  Things take me a bit longer than others sometimes but I'm no stranger to that.  In the end I'm happy with how I've packaged myself.

I was talking to another artist, as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, telling her all the bits and pieces that I needed to complete before I was "done".  She looked at me and asked, "yeah, but do you?"  What a great question.  It really made me think.  Am I constantly just over doing when I should just worry about the doing.  We all feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day, but am I just making that fact worse?  It's hard for me to know, all those little extras are what make things feel like "me" in the end.  

Licensing is a new industry for me so I am constantly learning, reevaluating and adjusting.  My process has drastically changed  this past year.  I've realised I am not able to work on a collection from start to finish the way I did when I was in my "bubble".  There are new project requests that pop up or submission deadlines to be aware of.  You need to be able to put a collection down and then have the discipline to pick it back up again.  Just a little brain retraining required, but I'm determined to do it.